After testing many combinations of metal alloy. The Super Bronze strings definitely have a warm crisp sound, especially when recording in a studio. Developed for a uniformed and even response without harsh overtones, using the perfect combination of metal alloy. We feel these strings are the professional Guitar Players Choice. The same core to wrap configuration is used on the Acoustics as the Electric's. A Swedish Steel HEX-CORE. 

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Richard Chance Double 0 Customs
by Sfarzo

 For 42 years, Richard's style has been finger and flat-picked acoustic guitar.  He plays folk, Bluegrass, Old Time, blues, slack key, and other styles and admits he's hooked on small body guitars, especially the Double 0 and Triple 0 sizes as well as the pre-war Martin 00-21 and the Gibson L-00 models.

From 1990-92 Richard played with the Andy Owens Project, a progressive bluegrass band that performed at festivals in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Kansas.   He is a founding member of PigAnkle, an old time string band in Dallas, TX that performed and recorded from 1987 until 2003 when he moved to California.  Currently he lives just north of San Francisco where he plays locally with friends all around the Bay Area.

 *Get Rich full Bass response and Clear, Crisp Trebels
*Reduced String Tension
*Easier on your Guitar Easier on your Hands


.011 .014 .022

.030 .036 .046


.012 .016 .026

.035 .045 .056


 .011 .015 .023

.030 .040 .050


 .013 .017 .026

.035 .045 .056.


To Whom It May Concern, I just wanted to let you know that I was encouraged to try your guitar strings by Tony Balbinot of the Cadillac Angels... I have tried both your Acoustic and Electric guitar strings and was very impressed! They sound great and keep their tunning better than any other string I have ever tried before!! Again, thanks for the great product that you produce - I will definitely continue to purchase Sfarzo strings in the future. Also, a Thank You to Tony Balbinot of the Cadillac Angels for introducing me to your product! Sincerely, Ryan Martin

"Since I've quit using pickups and processors when playing acoustic guitar live (w/ band), I've been looking for a more robust and balanced sounding string.  I play a wonderful sounding Bourgeois JOMC-Deluxe and simply mic it with a AKG 391B.  So I wanted a string that was warm and articulate without being metallic or mushy.  When a friend gave me a set of Sfarzo SFT Bronze to try my search was over.  These strings have a great vocal quality that just allows my acoustic to sing at it's best.  Thanks Greg, for a terrific product." Best Regards, Nick Champlin NixGear

Victoria D'Orazi - San Francisco - Professional Actress, Singer and Songwriter -"I loved the response and aliveness in the strings, especially because I never use a pic. I felt and heard an amazing difference"




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