Rich Palmer - Centerville, OH.

Rich is a singer/songwriter that combines his talents with his career as a safety educator. His collection of safety songs for children will soon be released to the public. Rich also performs with the police and fire band, Knight Blaze.


CCA was formed in Spring of 2004 with members Brian, Nico, Marshall, Dustin, and Tino. We play pretty much whatever we feel like playing. It ranges from ska, reggae, rock, punk, funk, and surf. So if you live in California, and you ever get a chance to come out and see us, do it. But yea, come to some of our shows if u like and say hello, peace everyone.

Fred Ross-Perry - Petaluma California

"I play rock, blues, and western swing on my 1969 Gibson ES 345. I recently switched to Sfarzo strings and I'm delighted with the results. They are clear and bright, but with body, and stay in tune really well. Best strings I've ever used. At a recent rehearsal, the bassist specifically asked me what strings I was using because he could hear the difference they made. Thanks!"


C.C. "Ace" De Martini

- ( Center ) Guitar, Vocals and "Too Many Notes" Favorite Guitarists are... Trey Spruance (Mr. Bungle), Jason Becker, Vinnie Vincent, Michael Angelo, Paul DiBartolo (Spread Eagle), Akira Takasaki (Loudness), Paul Gilbert, Richie Kotzen, Gary Moore, Frank Gambale, Terry Kath (Chicago), Rory Gallagher, Jimmy Lyon, Pat Travers, Tommy Bolin, Bernie Torme', Audley Freed, Warren Haynes, Pat Martino, Paul Kossoff, Jimi Hendrix, Chuck Schuldiner, Shawn Lane, Jake E. Lee, George Lynch, Scott Henderson, Frank Zappa, Zoogz Rift, Yngwie Malmsteen, Mike Keneally. Wichita, Kansas




















Sfarzo Guitar String Company is now looking for "Street Team" partners to help spread the word about Sfarzo Guitar Strings to musicians, music stores and all music lovers.

Candidates qualifications: 1. Anyone who plays the guitar 2. Any age. 3. Has energy 4. Is not afraid to say " Hey, I use Sfarzo Strings and so should you !"

Sfarzo Stings will compile names of Candidates in selected regions throughout the United States to advocate the product. Selected individuals will have a special password to log on to the Sfarzo Street Team web page and redeem special discounts on stuff like T-shirts and strings.

Not everyone will qualify. You will be chosen based on your geographic area and your statement on why you would like to spread the word about our strings. If you are chosen, you will be contacted via Email.

To qualify, you must already be a Sfarzo String user and Email us a photo of you holding a pack of our strings after you transmit the form below.

Best regards,

Sfarzo Strings


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Michael Amadio - Daly City , Ca. I'm in a band called 18 Tortillas. We are considered "Old School" "Classic Rock" "Eclectic". We just released a cd of all originals titled very cleverly "Original Recipe". I've been using Sfarzo SFT 10's for a few months now and let me tell you. I have a MIJ Strat. I now have Rio Grand pups a Stelly in the bridge and Half breeds Neck & middle. Callaham bridge/trem. Q-parts knobs and allot of attitude and your strings bring it all together for me. They last, their percussive, they give the pickups props and I'm here to tell any who'll listen (even if they don't want to) They'll hear about Sfarzo SFT's Dammit! I'll be trying out your strings for acoustic next.

The Plastix - FROM THE UK

Okay; want something to supplement your "metal madness" collection? You know what I'm talking about. That stack of CDs that kids hide from their parents, those in the prime of their youth crave and those of us who are over the proverbial hill still listen to? Well, you've found it: ladies and gentleman; meet The Plastix. This is not your Granddaddy's Rock and roll band (unless, of course, you have one of those cool geriatric relatives that your mother told you died twenty years ago and is still very much alive).



Pieter Holland is a lead guitarist, lead vocalist, bass player, drummer, percussionist, guitar synthesist. He has worked many years in many facets of the music industry. Everything from being a hired gun for international touring acts, to a recording engineer/producer. He has built everything from his own mobile recording truck in an International Diesel to many home studios. Pieter has also managed, booked, and led many projects over the years. So all in all, Pieter is well rounded in his field.... the music industry.

Victoria D'Orazi

San Francisco

Professional Actress, Singer and Songwriter -"I loved the response and aliveness in the strings, especially because I never use a pic. I felt and heard an amazing difference"


Crucible Of The Damned Charlotte NC

We play metal. Period. No gimmicks, no makeup, no politics. Just metal. We need a string endorsement. Check it out .




















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