S.F.T. (Superior Formulated Tone) ™ strings. S.F.T.'s are a Nickel / Iron combination that results in a very powerful tone while achieving a bright output sound. Sustain is fantastic on this Rounded-Hex core. S.F.T.'s are a favorite for guitarists everywhere.

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I just purchased and received a set of SFARZO Super Screamers strings for my electric guitar. I am very impressed with them. They feel good, sound great. They have a great sustaining tone and high output. Great product. I have a set coming for my acoustic guitar as well. Steven R. Church - Arizona

Awesome tone monster strings!: Dear Sfarzo Strings, They arrived today and have 2 Strats ready to go tonight.  One with the blues gauge lead guitar and the other for my rhythm Strat. Both have Dave Stephen's (SD) Mojo's pups that are a perfect match for your strings. Great match!!!! thru my old 64 Deluxe Fender and 62 Super. Great Strings. It did not take me long to feel and hear the difference with Sfarzo. Nice vibration and bend properties too! I can go from a clean acoustical tone and switch guitars and have the blues gauge that really have a tone all their own wish I would of found out about these strings sooner but now I know what strings I will use exclusively. Awesome tone monster strings! very pleased! Dennis W.Claremore Oklahoma.

Best I ever played in acoustic and electric! Honestly, you have the finest strings I ever played and definitely the most polished and clean surfaces on the trebles in paticular. You have a winner! Doug Henninger, Richmond VA

I have finally tried your new strings - I played my 10 year high school reunion this weekend with my SFT Screamers, and I was amazed!! They sounded unbelievable. The strings felt so smooth and light yet had the most powerful tone I've ever heard. Thanks for such a great product!! Noah Lowther South Carolina.

Thanks to Tony Balbinot of Cadillac Angels for giving me a pack. Fantastic sound and feel. Matthew W. Assistant Professor, Mathematics Cal Poly.

Martin H. - Michigan - OK! These are awesome. I just got the three sets you sent us, and they are distinctly awesome.

Deepest Symphony brings its listeners a uniquely aggressive power-laden style of heavy music.

We tried Sfarzo strings for the first time just a few months back. For the first time we have found guitar strings that feel like they were custom made for us! We used them on our newest single track release 'Age of Consequence' and once we heard the results there is no going back for us. As long as Sfarzo makes strings they have our Metal Stamp of Approval!

Dave Fecca on SFT Screamers. Guitarist / Luthier and c-writer for All Things Strat SFARZO SFT SCREAMER String Review Dave's Review SFT gauges 11-48 ) Having past experience as a machinist, I first noticed how these strings were wound. They seem to be very sturdily wound, which is further reinforced near the ball end of string. Especially on the 4th, 5th, & 6th strings. It also became apparent that the 1st, 2nd, & 3rd strings have been made with a carefully wound ball end as well. When I put them on my guitar I noticed that they seemed to be pre-stretched. When I played them, they added a thick tone. They also felt better than the other brand I have currently been using, with better gripping action as well. This may be because of the string’s core design, which is unique. They get a thumbs up from me."

Resident of Utica, NY Tony Butera rocks out with SFT S70 10-46 Regulars Live on stage.

Message From: Tony (mr392@webtv.net) Subject: Re: Best strings? "HI, After 25 years of playing guitar and using just about every brand of string available, I'd have to recommend "SFARZO" Strings. I use them on all of my guitars."



07/01/2003 Sfarzo SFT SCREAMER String Review I was sent two sets of Sfarzo SFT (10-46) for review. Upon inspection of the SFT string, you could tell that this was a quality string. Good metal, with a nice, tight wind at the ball-end, which is a very important factor in a high quality string. (If you ever had the ball end fall out of your string, you know what I’m talking about). After putting them on, let me tell you, I was very impressed by these strings. Great tonal clarity and sweet, sweet sustain!……what more could a guitarist ask for! Chuck McCrory Webmaster “All Things Strat”





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