Best I ever played in acoustic and electric! Honestly, you have the finest strings I ever played and definitely the most polished and clean surfaces on the trebles in particular. You have a winner! Doug Henninger, Richmond VA


Thanks to Tony Balbinot of Cadillac Angels for giving me a pack. Fantastic sound and feel. Matthew W. Assistant Professor, Mathematics Cal Poly.


Deepest Symphony brings its listeners a uniquely aggressive power-laden style of heavy music.

We tried Sfarzo strings for the first time just a few months back. For the first time we have found guitar strings that feel like they were custom made for us! We used them on our newest single track release 'Age of Consequence' and once we heard the results there is no going back for us. As long as Sfarzo makes strings they have our Metal Stamp of Approval!




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I have finally tried your new strings - I played my 10 year high school reunion this weekend with my SFT Screamers, and I was amazed!! They sounded unbelievable. The strings felt so smooth and light yet had the most powerful tone I've ever heard. Thanks for such a great product!! Noah Lowther South Carolina.


Martin H. - Michigan - OK! These are awesome. I just got the three sets you sent us, and they are distinctly awesome.


Resident of Utica, NY Tony Butera rocks out with SFT S70 10-46 Regulars Live on stage. Message From: Tony ( Subject: Re: Best strings? "HI, After 25 years of playing guitar and using just about every brand of string available, I'd have to recommend "SFARZO" Strings. I use them on all of my guitars."






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