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ubcap-stealin' rock 'n' roll with Tony Balbinot and CADILLAC ANGELS, the Santa Barbara, California-based Americana band with a high-energy beat and dynamic presence that evoke rockin’ good times! The Cadillac Angels have one tooled leather boot in the roots and rockabilly camp, and the other foot testing the surf. With numerous CD releases and close to a million miles of touring under their belts, the Cadillac Angels stir up the music scene and leave folks hummin' and shakin' along to their firebrand roots/rockabilly/surf hybrid for days after the band pulls outta town.

The Cadillac Angels have shared the stage with such music legends as Dick Dale, Santana, Carl Perkins, The Violent Femmes, Etta James, Jerry Lee Lewis, Cowboy Mouth, Bo Diddley, Dwight Yoakam, Wanda Jackson and Link Wray. The band's single, "Feel Like Rockin'," was named Best Roots Rock Demo by the SXSW Music Showcase panel. Another single "A Bop A Baby," was featured on the soundtrack of the motion picture "Deuce Coup." More




"I used to change strings after every show to avoid breakage and dull tone, but Sfarzo strings really hold up better than any guitar string I've tried," says Balbinot. "Big hollow body guitars played hard need strings that stay in tune and don't lose their twang! Sfarzo hasn't let me down once!" "My agent had heard about Sfarzo and had some strings sent. I tried them and really liked their sound and durability. I use a combination of medium and heavy gauge strings, so I had to buy singles to get the combination of gauges I prefer. We inquired about custom sets of strings for me, and Sfarzo was very receptive and had a quick turn around time. Now I have 3 of my own part numbers to order sets of strings just the way I like them,