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Thaen Rasmussen was born with a Marshall amp in one hand and a thunderbolt in the other. His parents spoon-fed him Gerber's Metal Mix from a plate fashioned from original Blue Cheer vinyl. His first words were "turn it up", and he had mastered the power chord before he was out of diapers.

Thaen has been a fixture on the S.F. Bay Area Metal scene for over 20 years. He has charged through a succession of hard-rockin' bands including Anvil Chorus, Control, 88Magic, Spy vs. Spy, Porcelain and most recently Black Sun. His commitment to the melodic hard rock metal discipline which defines his oeuvre has been unwavering across the years.

Thaen has lent his considerable talents to other bands as well. He can be heard on Heathen’s 1991 release, "Victims of Deception", as well as their 2004 release, "Recovered". This year has proven to be a very exciting year for Thaen. In the spring of 2006 he accompanied Bay Area rock legends Vicious Rumors on a brief European tour. While there, they performed at the Atarfe Vega Rock Festival in Granada, Spain.

Thaen is featured on VR's new CD Sonic Rebellion. He will also be joining them on a major tour in support of the new release.
Anvil Chorus has also reunited for a few shows and are currently in the studio recording a long awaited album.

Thaen's extensive knowledge of hair-care products affords him a comfortable lifestyle as a Research and Development Consultant for the conditioner and pre-rinse industries. It is widely accepted lore that several well known axe slingers consulted with Thaen before undertaking their respective hair weave treatments.