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Formed in the early part 2000 by Ray Vidal (Guitarist) and Steve Post (Bassist). They began showcasing extensively through out the Los Angeles local Club scene, impressively drawing large crowds with there high energy, melodic driven arena rock and attracting major attention. Eventually opened the doors to opening for 80's Rock act RATT. The Band regularly performing at the Whisky, The Key Club, The Roxy, Hard Rock Café, and Paladino's. By the end of 2001 STORYTELLER was one of the most popular Rock Bands in L.A., performing over 70+ shows. Nominated for more awards than any other band in L.A. at the RCN Awards and taking home the award for "Best Song writing" of 2001.

In 2002 the band concentrated on high-profile shows with national acts such as MR. BIG, WINGER, LYNCH MOB, RATT and L.A. GUNS. Along with showcasing for industry executives, the band went into the studio to start working on their first full length CD with singer Steven Hunter and Drummer Billy Keane. In Late Oct 2002, STORYTELLER was contacted by (RCN) to inform them they were once again nominated for awards in more categories than any other band in L.A. This time taking home the awarded for "Best Hard Rock Band" of 2002.