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I'm very excited about Sfarzo! Thanks to Geoff we could indeed try your strings on tour - and they are really really good!!!! The material feels very smooth while the strings are stronger and sound much more powerful than the strings that I normally use. Very comfy and great in tone!! 
Manuel Wiegmann
Roaring Lead Guitar


SOLAR FRAGMENT is a Power Metal band from Germany. Inspired by 
numerous metal groups SOLAR FRAGMENT have evolved their own kind of 
Melodic Power Metal. Harmonized guitars are the central element of 
this fast and melodic type of music, now enhanced by Sfarzo SFT 

The band had its start in 2004. After the initial songwriting process 
and the first series of shows their 2005 Promo EP was released 
receiving excellent reviews throughout Europe. Supporting Beyond Fear 
and Vicious Rumors on the Spanish gigs of their “A Lesson in Metal” 
Tour SOLAR FRAGMENT got a first taste of international air in 2006.

This will continue with the worldwide release of their first album A 
SPARK OF DEITY which is scheduled for worldwide release through 
Sleaszy Rider Records in November 2007.