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Mary Cary - If Mary kicked ass any harder, we would all need to call 911!” XUWorld
Mary Cary, a San Francisco Bay Area based lead guitarist, well versed in Protools, is a songwriter, producer, plays lead guitar with ThankFuLL, Simon Stinger, upcoming Mary Cary solo album, and plays live regularly at her rocking church as well as other venues.
“Just had to come back for another listen…” Geezer.

Solo Album: At this time Mary is working on her guitar based solo album. Still in the writing phase, inspired by such guitarists as Frank Gambale and Terry Lauderdale, she’s decided the time had come, after years of being an aggressive lead guitarist in so many bands, to create an album based on her deep love of songwriting and pure rocking guitar.

ThankFuLL: Mary is also currently producing, writing, playing guitar, keyboards, bass, and some drums on an upcoming album for the Christian rock band ThankFuLL, with the amazing lead singer Jennifer Newell. This album, as it turns out, has become a deeply personal spiritual journal.
This album is due out on Mary’s own Record Label, MCjRecords, on iTunes and elsewhere in late January. Mary plays live often with ThankFuLL.

Simon Stinger: Over the past years Mary has also collaborated on several songs with Simon Stinger, hard rock/electronica band, fronted by Alicia Perrone and Victor James, they have also toured extensively together. Mary played on the Simon Stinger release “Some Kinda Voodoo” available on iTunes among other places.

Fans Of Jimmy Century: Mary’s song writing continues as she writes songs with the electonica duo, Fans of Jimmy Century, which can be found on
Television and Radio: As a session player, Mary has played lead guitar on many national television and radio campaigns such as “Got Milk”, “Sega”, “Nintendo”, “Porsche”, “RC Cola” and more. She’s also written, played and produced entire music scores for several television pilots.

Artist Endorsements and Gear: Mary has artist endorsements with Sfarzo strings, Mesa Boogie, and Daisy Rock guitars. She also plays with 2 Music Man Axis guitars, Line 6 Floor Pod, Vintage Kramer Voyagers, Vintage 71 Marshall amplifier, Marshall 2 12 Celestion Cabinet, Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier Head, Rectifier 4 12 Celestion Cabinet, Guild acoustic/electric, Roland Jazz Chorus, Korg Triton, V-drums, Protools, and many other loop boxes and keyboard units for recording. And a bunch of other guitars with broken strings lovingly trashed, played into the ground and lying around the house!

“You were awesome last night!!!! it was so much fun i'm so glad i went!” Lauren Frazier.
Currently, the overall plan is to finish her solo album, with each song amorously brought forth to represent her life of performing live rock guitar, and the art form of self expression through song writing.

Also the release of over a year’s work on the ThankFuLL album is a strong focus for Mary’s life at this time. The past year has been a spiritual, as well as an intellectual, journey putting together her own Record Label, MCj Records, learning about the true face of the music business.

“Wow!! Rare to hear a woman who can rip on the guitar...awesome-enjoyed listening to your tunes”. Malea McGuinness.

In conclusion whether it’s an insane rocking live performance with ThankFuLL, her solo band, or Simon Stinger, or listening to her recorded tracks, hearing Mary play is rousing and inspiring.




I'd love to play always on Sfarzo strings... they're like wearing a big fat diamond tennis bracelet or something (for another girl)! haha... they're just beautiful. I was
fondling them when I was stringing my Axis. I could never use another string in my life and I'd be in String Heaven. They stayed in great tune when I was lazy about stretching them too! It is great to have them on my guitar. Thank you so muchy!