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87. While flipping through channels on the TV one morning, Kiyo paused at MTV. It was a guitarist in a leather jacket and a top hat that caught his ear and reshaped his future. With the sound of a Gibson singing a lazy riff through a Marshall stack, This band looked more like a gang of bikers than the polished, produced and filtered stuff that all the other jr. high kids liked. The stage was set.
By 1988, Kiyo had his first guitar, A silver Gibson which was a birthday gift from his parents. Often staying up for days at a time practicing, School and everything else was swept aside to make time.

Filling his appetite for guitar powered music with artists like Ozzy Osborne, Guns n' Roses, Alice in Chains and Metallica, The road was becoming clearer. Over the following years, Kiyo had found an identity in local bands as an old style Rock guitarist, with powerful anthem style riffs and blistering yet musical leads ... Favoring tradition over trend.

Currently Kiyo is busy working on new material. He also divides his time as lead guitarist for two very popular Northern Califonia tribute bands. Junk Head - Alice In Chains and Blood Red - Slayer. This has given him the opportunity to do what he loves best ... PERFORM LIVE!


Some of his past projects included a five year run with Epitaph and another four years with Sonoma County hard rock favorites ... Fuse. He has also lent his talents to Funeral Party, Forevers End and Funeral Party.

Kiyo has been professionally teaching guitar since 2001. He is available in the North Bay for instruction. Kiyo has worked at Tall Toad Music in Petaluma for several years. He does sales, tech and set up work. This is where he was also first introduced to SFARZO Strings!