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About Juliana: Juliana fist picked up a guitar in September of 2004 at the age of 14. She was interested in playing songs and was taught simple chording for Wish You Were Here and House of the Rising Sun. She went into the family music room and played these simple songs on an old acoustic. She found one of her dad’s old songbooks featuring heavy metal songs from the 80’s such as Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica and others. She was particularly drawn to the introduction for the song Crazy Train.

Interestingly, Juliana learned the song before she actually heard the recording and wanted to know who the guitar player was.
Juliana’s primary influence is the late Randy Rhoads, the fabulously talented guitarist on early releases by Quiet Riot and later with Ozzy Osbourne.

Once she heard Crazy Train and several others from Osbourne’s albums ‘Blizzard of Oz’ and ‘Diary of a Madman’ she became enamored with Randy Rhoads style and sound. She found his music and tragic story compelling and made up her mind to honor Randy by someday hoping to be able to play his songs. Her abilities grew amazingly fast and it was not long before it was realized that she is a very gifted musician. Within a month, she was able to play the songs and the solos, note for note without any further instruction. The family of the late Randy Rhoads was impressed by her connection with Randy and wanted to meet her. Since that time, Juliana has become very close to the Rhoads family and keeps in constant communication with Delores and Kelle.

The Rhoads family also authorized the manufacture of a custom Jackson Randy Rhoads guitar for Juliana. After about a year of playing and learning on her own, she began lessons with Ry Kihn who was a student of Joe Satriani among others. Again, her prowess on the guitar was evident as she quickly learned complex scales and solos and grew quickly into a near master of the fretboard. Juliana’s passion for music of all kinds and her determination and discipline are testaments to her skill.

In the meantime, Juliana formed a group named Crimes of Passion and started playing covers and originals at live venues such as the Britannia Arms, Kingshead Pub and the Avalon Nightclub. Because of her drive and talent it is difficult to find musicians in her age group with the skills and dedication required to support her. She has maintained a performing band while replacing all of the members. Her playing on classics like Crazy Train and I Don’t Know is incredibly fast and clean. The voicing and use of effects is natural and fluid and her fingerboard work, both in chording and soloing, is tonally pure and precise. The originals show her skills in a unique way, with scale progressions and the use of tapping techniques that are difficult at best. She has also improvised several other unique two-handed techniques that she integrates into her performances.

Juliana led Crimes of Passion to two top-four finalist spots on 98.5 KFOX ‘Last Band Standing’ open radio battle-of-the bands and placed second in the Highway Organization’s open battle-of-the bands (The Gig) for 2006. She has performed at many locations throughout the Bay Area including the Santa Clara County Fair and the KFOX ‘Kihncert on the Green’ in San Jose, which sold 9,000 tickets. She has been asked to sit-in with numerous top performers at shows around the Bay Area and is highlighted on local radio and television programs.

Her musical interests range from classic rock and metal to punk, classical, rockabilly as well as today’s newest artists. She is continually adding new tools to her playing arsenal and can also play keyboards, bass and drums. In addition to her music skills, she is a figure skating coach and judge and is very active in the local ice-skating community and is an excellent graphic and freehand artist.

Juliana is currently performing with Crimes of Passion and working on original material while jamming with local talent. See the attached list of past and upcoming shows. Her soloing capability is magical and the sound she creates is truly unique. She hopes to major in music at UCLA or Berkeley School of Music in Boston. At only 16 years of age, she is poised to become a significant force in the guitar arts over the coming years.



" I finally found the strings you sent me! I had misplaced them, found them, and used them at last Saturday's gig. They have a very rich tone! How much would they cost me if I bought a full box ?"

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