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Jinmo names himself "The man of Expression".

As for generally known "art" such as music, fine arts, literatures can be no more than a fragmentary expression; part of a daily life such as choice of food, clothing and shelter down to the single facial expression to be the expression of the human life. In any of which, places no particular importance or the order of superiority/inferiority.
It is according to his beliefs that every one should be conscious and active in making every expression/decision.

Jinmo currently being known mostly as a musician.
He released more than 10 solo albums. He performs overseas actively as well as domestic venues. Jinmo uniquely executes his guitar playing by technique called "tapping"-as to "tap" the fingerboard to make notes, instead of picking and strumming involved in regular guitar playing. He uses computers for experimental music making process at the same time.

He actively involves with productions for dance, play, animation soundtracks.

His recent album is "AVANTRONIX"
In addition to those activities, his passion of past thirteen years called "Nikoniko Ongakukai". Those students are having difficulties processing the information and languages, which means that they are unable to enjoy those ordinary signalized programs such as TV, nursery rhymes, and books.

Jinmo tries to communicate with pre ?processed "sounds" (audio, notes?) inspired them and gave them a pleasure, which is most infrequent experience compare to able-bodied populations.
He involved with this almost weekly basis.

This complete live recording was made in 2000, without any postproduction editing. "hibarigaoka"

Another facet of JINMO would be a writer. More than fifteen years since 1988, he has written for the Japanese music magazine "Monthly Guitar Magazine" ?Ritto Music Publ. In addition to that , he also written for "Sound and Recording Magazine" "Player" "Young Guitar"

He has no plans to publish those enormous amout of writing as a books , yet.

It is not widely known to the public but he also paints.

Since his mother is a Japanese calligrapher, he was instructed of this traditional artsa by he friend in his early childhood. There he learned the basics of Calligraphy , and even received awards for his merits.

After reaching his adulthood, he started abstract Avant Garde form of Calligraphy "Bokushou " which he created many works in that style.
They are purely for his enjoyment and rarely displayed.
However among his hardcore fans, some of them come to know this side of his expressions which lead to a few commissions such are store front signs for restaurants, clubs and titles of the events.

There are some huge works using brooms as paintbrushes, on the other hand most unique works of them all we should say is that of what he calls "ultra fine bokushou " .

These works are done by only a couple of finest strands of hair; each storokes are only microscopic size which takes thousands of strokes and about a year worth of labor involved to finish the size of a newspaper .

The detail of these works is almost too fine to be recognaized by human eye, which lead to the next form of "drawings" JINMO does not discloses his real name, date and place of birth, educational backgrounds. None of his directors at the Gakken, Editors in chief of Guitar Magazines was never given these seemingly quite basic and innocent personal information.
Of course, there is a reason for this.

He tries to express himself only through his works, nothing else.
Writing / HARI From Avant-attaque.
Translation /Albert G




I have checked Sfarzo strings from various perspectives.
Correct, stable vibration, rich harmonic overtone, great sustain.
Sfarzo strings are the best. The super hyper ultra mega giga tera peta ultimate supreme special deluxe great killer wonderful beautiful joyous fantastic coooool strings. Really I love them. Thank you.Best, JINMO