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Jimmi Ward has been rockin' the music scene in the SF Bay Area for years, playing with such well known acts as Meantime, Hell `n' Back, Lust, Agony Sweet, Pigs, Dammit Jim, RaiderHed, The Particles, Gator Alley Band, Hot For Teacher, and the Alameda All Stars.
Jimmi's musical roots run long and deep. His grandfather helped form and played the guitar for The Sons of the Pioneers, and his mother is a fantastic singer. Jimmi realized his musical talent at the very early age of 5 while playing trumpet and piano, which he continued playing until he picked up a guitar at the age of 10; the rest is history. His musical influences include the likes of KISS, Rush, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Deep Purple, Steve Vai, Y&T, Miles Davis, Yngwie Malmsteen and Van Halen. His musical tastes span far and wide, across many musical oceans!\

Album Credits
Game Day Favorites (2005)
The 12th Man (2003)
'Til I'm Dead (2002)
The Particles
In-Humanity (1999)
Toys For Tots
Compilation Benefit CD (1998)
Hell 'N' Back
Supremacy (1993)
Demo 'N Supremacy (Danger Crue Records Mar.30th 2005)
Sacred Wind (Danger Crue Records Dec.7th 2005)
Meantime (1983)
Movie Credits
RaiderHed DVD "Invade Candlestick Park" (2004)
Raider Parking Lot (2004)
Raider Nation: "The Movie" (2003)