Sfarzo String T-Shirt Co-op Program

Let Sfarzo String Company produce your very own custom design T-shirts

No Setup Charges or Fees

All you pay for is the cost of the T-shirts


How much do my custom T-shirts cost? Less than what you would think for a customized product. Only $7.50 ea.

When will I receive my order? Your custom T-shirt Art work is created within 48 hours of us receiving your logo and or picture. You receive the finished product within 10 working days.

How does the quality of your Sfarzo Shirts compare to others ? Your custom shirts will be as good or better than what you'll find in a store. We have the most advanced technology in printing and manufacturing. The result is vibrancy, durability and quality.

What kinds of images do you support ?
We support JPEG, PNG, GIF, or TIFF files. T-shirts are created at a minimum of 150 ppi (pixels per inch). To fill the full area, we recommend that you use images that are equal to or larger than the recommended sizes below. For images smaller than these sizes, you should not fill the full area, but will have additional "white space" Horizontal (14" x 12") = 2100 x 1800 pixels Vertical (12" x 14") = 1800 x 2100 pixels. Higher resolution than 1150 is even better quality.

What is your return policy? Your T-Shirts are custom made and can not be resold by Sfarzo Strings. Unless we made an error in your printing, there is are no refunds. Of course if we made an error, we would gladly refund your money for those shirts that are defective.

Does Sfarzo make Black T Shirts ? YES! Our printing process allows us to print directly on these fabrics with millions of vibrant colors. And the quality is amazing.

How much are your setup charges? Zero, $0.00, nothing ! Your setup charges for the Art and plate charges are FREE in exchange for you allowing Sfarzo Strings to place our logo on the T shirt. Setup charges generally cost $50.00 to $100.00 in some cases. But you have no charge whatsoever under our co-op plan.




























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