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Terry has just completed a successful European tour with the Legendary Bay Area thrash/metal band, Heathen. The band played to packed houses and festivals across England, Scotland, Germany, France, Holland and Belgium leaving the UK and European metal fans in stunned disbelief as Terry "shredded up" Heathen's most popular speed metal songs.

Watch the Video and look close at his pick style. Courtesy of the Guitar Gods

Terry uses Sfarzo Strings Excessively !

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Testimonials: "Give it up for HOT FOR these guys f'n rock!" Michael Anthony - Van Halen bassist"Van Halen should hire HOT FOR TEACHER's guitarist" Brad Kava - San Jose Mercury News
"The best Van Halen cover band since....the real Van Halen" Tony Hicks - The Contra Costa Times
"Truly some awesome rock metal guitar playing. Talent with that much passion in that style is a rare thing these days." Joy Basu - solo artist/guitarist, Jessica Simpson Band
"It's about time we heard some cool original music from this monster guitarist! Terry Lauderdale is the Bay Area's best kept secret and is on top of his game. I can't wait to hear what he does next!"Billy Steel - 107.7 The Bone "Metal Zone", San Francisco CA"Crazy that one of the nicest guys on the planet could play such bad-ass guitar. Terry Lauderdale - my hero!" Steven Seaweed - 107.7 The Bone, San Francisco CA

Fans drive miles to see the "once-in-a-lifetime" Heathen appearance! Heathen Discography: "Pray for Death" - Independent 1986 "Breaking the Silence" -
Combat Records 1987, MTV video single: "Set me Free" "Victims of Deceptions" - Roadrunner Records 1991 "Recovered" - Relentless Records 2004

Terry can be heard on Heathen's latest demo recording featuring guitarist Lee Altus (Heathen/Exodus/Die Krupps) which is currently under major label review. Lee Altus is currently on tour with Exodus. Terry will be sharing the stage with Night Ranger and Y&T at a "Concert for Hurricane Katrina Relief" to be held Sept. 21 2005 at the prestigious Dean Lesher Regional center of the Arts in Walnut Creek California. Terry will also be performing at various Hurricane Relief Benefit shows. Artists for Charity - Terry can be heard on "Guitarists 4 the Kids". A special recording that was released in August 2005 featuring none other than guitar wizard, Terry Lauderdale.

The track was produced by Artists for Charity which also features guitar greats and friends, Tommy Merry and Joy Basu among others. HOT FOR TEACHER, along with current and former members of Aerosmith, Dio, TNT, Dokken, Lillian Axe, Watchtower, American Dog, Lynch Mob, Enuff Znuff, Riot, The Uptown Horns, Richard Kendrick and Corey Craven will be showcased on upcoming record release entitled, "Just Like Paradise: A Millennium Tribute to Diamond David Lee Roth". Terry has receceived artist endorsements from the following companies: Mesa Boogie, Nady Wireless Systems, In Tune Guitar Picks, Aantone's Music, Sfarzo Guitar Strings and Tom Anderson Guitars. As well as working with his many guitar students....Terry continues his hectic touring schedule with HOT FOR TEACHER, amazing concert goers in California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Arizona. The ripping, screaming virtuoso fretwork of guitarist Terry Lauderdale continues to stir audiences into the wildest of frenzy and leaves them in jaw dropping awe

Recent recordings:Rocker - instrumental, Ballad - instrumental, Ice 9 - instrumental HEATHEN: Empty Nothingness Arrows of Agony Dying Season Related websites:

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I'm hooked! I love the strings! They felt great, great tone and most of all...they didn't break! The reason I point that out is that I play very hard and pull up (all the way) on my Floyd Rose tremolo quite a bit and the Sfarzo's never gave in!!