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Our mission at Sfarzo Strings is to provide high-quality products that are affordable and innovative. We provide these products in order to help people learn, communicate, and entertain. We support our products with respectful service and support. Select the links below to view products we feel are unique and of high-quality. We would like to share them with you.

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Sfarzo Endorses Cal Custom Guitars, Pearson Cases and Jamorama

CalCustom Guitars - Roseville Ca. partners up with Sfarzo Strings. CCG is the result of the teaming up of master Harley builder/Bass player, Mike Bockius, award winning custom artist/painter Nate Sisam, and guitar luthier/guitar virtuoso Corky Newman. All CalCustoms guitars are made of select premium bodies and exotic wood necks. The premium electronics are all hand selected for each model. All CCG bodies are rear routed with no pickguards to hide Nate’s stunning artwork. All CalCustom guitars come equipped with Sfarzo SFT Guitar Strings. More about CalCustom at calcustomguitars.com



Pearson Cases offers custom cases designed spicifically for your needs.

Making Custom Cases Since 1988
  Phone 209.878.0380
Cell 209.402.8730
Fax 209.878.0370



 Learn Guitar URL: http://www.guitartricks.com


Learn Guitar
Guitar Tricks is 45 guitar instructors with over 2500 online guitar lessons in one massive site. Online guitar lessons use video, mp3 and guitar tablature so you can learn guitar at any time of day or night. Lessons cover every major style including acoustic, blues, classical, country, jazz, rock and metal.

How to play acoustic guitar
Tips and tricks to learn playing guitar fast and easily.




Sliders Arise! Stop settling for something less!  You can have the “Best of both worlds.” Here is the Worlds first and only hand-crafted Hybrid Guitar Slide. Although made of ceramic material, it is tonally voiced to be between glass and ceramic.  The best gauging of tone with these slides is: The shorter and thinner the wall of the slide, the brighter the tone.  And the longer and thicker the wall, the warmer the tone.

Company Name: David J. Holmes, Luthier

E-mail Address: luthier@holmesguitars.com

David Holmes custom builds classical & steel string acoustic guitars.
Each individually made instrument is a unique masterpiece of art and science.


This is the first guitar "word cloud" site on the Net!

Guitar rocks!!!

New Music Label

New Music Label.com - Your Ticket into the Music Business. Where Singers, Musicians and Artists meet Record Labels, Music Managers and Scouts.  New Music Label is a one-stop solution for seeking, finding, and managing all types of Music careers.


Leathersmith Designs Inc.
Quality Leather Goods & Supplies
www.leathersmithdesigns.com sales@leathersmithdesigns.com

Custom Leather Guitar Straps

Personalized Leather Guitar StrapsCustom leather guitar straps are crafted with your personalized name. Leathersmith Designs Inc. makes all the leather guitar straps.


HGRS Audio is an audio production and recording studio in Las Vegas, NV. HGRS Audio specializes in both:
• Original Music Production, Composition and Arrangement
• Audio Book, Audio Newsletter and Audio Presentations
The facility is a complete digital recording environment with both analog and digital mastering. The studio is designed to provide expert recording and sound engineering for musicians, artists, authors, publishers, companies and organizations.

Title: Custom Cases, Shipping Cases, Equipment Case By SouthPak

Description: Cases and custom cushioning for shipping and protecting virtually any item. Electronic and industrial equipment, sales sample cases, tradeshow cases, rack mounts, and more.

Ice-House Supercaster Lead: This pickup just has guts, wound just hot enough. The hotter wind gives this pickup a nice punch and cuts out the brittle highs, but keeps the Tele signature tone. There is no metal baseplate, as its not needed in this hotter wind. The Ice-House Standard competes nicely with P90 bridge output and is a delight to play and great for slide players. All alnico magnets. Handbuilt, hand scatter-wound, vintage cloth-covered wire. White or black cotton twine wrapped coil, potted for quietness. Sweet and loud.


The Cover Zone focuses on female musicians and bands with a wide variety of photos, interviews, lyrics, discographies, MP3's, videos and more. Recognizing Rock Legends such as Joan Jett, L7, Heart, Melissa Etheridge, Suzi Quatro, The Runaways and the Go-Go's for the trail blazing barriers they have broken for all women in music. Along with a special emphasis on indie musicians such as Fabulous Disaster, The Eyeliners, Anti-Hero, Alicia Champion and Danielle LoPresti, The Cover Zone Celebrates Women in Music from all corners of the music industry.
Url = http://www.thecoverzone.com

Rock-N-Roll Ranch Studios
A state of the art recording facility that
can put together a recording package for your budget…from band demos to vocal demos to

Naked Body Guitars
Custom guitar refinishing located on Long Island, N.Y. Naked Body Guitars is the premier nitrocellulose lacquer finishing service.

Jody Head Guitar Ware
The undisputed Queen of Guitar Wear!!!
From leathers to silks to custom bead work, Jodi has wide variety of guitar straps to suit every style of player.

Gotta help your friends!!! This site is run by Ernie Slade, aka "69tele". He has a great site, full of good information, so check him out.

Kangaroo Covers
Custom-made amp covers with exterior  
pockets to store your cords, effects, etc.
Made of either balistic nylon or heavy duty
texture vinyl.

Action Custon Straps
Action produces hand-made custom guitar and camera straps to each customer's specifications using garment leather and exotic inlays. The strap's looks and comfort go hand in hand!

Dave Fecca Guitar Repair
If you live in the South Jersey / Philadelphia Area, Dave is a great guitar luthier to take your instrument to.

Ernie's Guitar Repair
Besides being a monster guitarist, Ernie is a fine luthier specializing in a wide range of guitar repair work.

Virtual Guitar Modeling System

Ever wonder what your guitar would look like with a different pickguard or knobs? Try this cool tool before you tear it apart!

Robles Roadcase
The official gig bag endorsed by Paul McCartney. A road-tough gig bag that
protects your guitar against rain, snow,
beer, or whatever you may encounter.

"The Cadillac of All Gig bags!" The Incase
Tour Bag is one of the most impressive gig
bags I have ever laid my eyes on. These
cases were really designed with the musician
in mind!

Bokeh Photo Images
The stunning photography work of Shawn Nau. Shawn has been recording images of the American Southwest for over a decade.

Jet Slide
An innovative guitar slide which allows you to play slide guitar licks, while retaining full use of your fretting fingers for playing normal guitar chords and solos.

Beautiful hand crafted guitar straps that will not be found in any store,using top grain leathers/qualitysilver/silver plated/brass/nickel/and copper parts.

Italia Leather Straps
made-to-order with your choice of the finest leathers and suedes from Italy, and crafted in 30 different available color combinations.

Rocky Mountain Slides

Unique slide created from black Colorado clay baked in a hire fire glaze to create a slide that gaps the tonal" bridge between the warmth of ceramic and the balls of a thick glass slide.

Lava Cable - High-end guitar, microphone, speaker cable, power cord and AC power products at affordable prices using the best available cable, components and connectors on the market. They come with a lifetime warranty.  Lava Cable is the "working musicians" high-end cable.

Sharp Concepts - To wrap things up, if you want the very best then this is your place for quality artwork in steel and aluminum products! You may see some other companies out there offering similar work, but since 1995 we have been the only ones pioneering the idea of music products integrated with steel and aluminum modifications.

TORRES HAND MADE TUBE AMPS ! All amps are handmade in the U.S. Featuring: 100% all tube. No tricks Point-to-point wiring, Orange Drop capacitors custom wound transformers Switchcraft jacks, swiches, Torres Custom made steel chassis, Super low noise levels, the best materials throughout. NEVER ANY SOLID STATE IN OUR AMPS NEVER ANY PRINTED AMP CIRCUIT BOARDS IN OUR AMPS. Always 100% tube, hand wired, point to point. Only the best. All amps are individually hand-made to your specifications, we don't have them built ahead-of time.

A Guitar Gifts 4 U - personalized guitar strap for electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar and bass guitar players. This is an affordable GUITAR GIFT that looks cool and professional while you are performing your favorite guitar music.

Hip Hop Rap Beats Producer

The Kronodale guitar is a totally different concept: new design, enhanced playability, superior tone. With his innovative 3-dimensionnal opened body-shape, the Kronodale Recycled G guitar is capable of producing screaming lead guitar tones and metallic rhythm guitar sound that can be found in every genre and playing environment. http://www.kronodale.com/products/gallery.html


USA Musician.com has free classified ads for new and used guitars, amps, drums, keyboards, woodwinds, brass and orchestra instruments. Free band webpage, postings in music calendars, musician's network, bulletin board and resource section.


TAXI: the world's leading independent A&R company helping unsigned bands, artists and songwriters get record deals, publishing deals and placement in films and TV shows.

Mean Guitars
A Valuable Guitar Directory and Information Resource

Guitarhoo!   Find all the guitar players on the planet! 


     Pedals and Effects:


     Guitar Accessories:




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Sfarzo Guitar String Company ™ has been developing what they consider the best possible guitar string for professional guitarists for a decade. Our primary focus is to meet the needs of all types of guitar players ranging from the beginner to the "Star" player. Our purpose is to provide high-quality, musical -based, products for all musicians.



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