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Sfarzo Strings are being used more and more by artists everywhere. We enjoy hearing from customers like yourselves who use our strings. We need to know that we are doing a good job providing a product of high quality.

From time to time, Sfarzo String Company gets inquiries from artists who want to endorse our product. We appreciate the offer very much, and now have in place our Sfarzo String Endorsement Program.

If you have interest in endorsing Sfarzo Strings, please fill out the Application Form and mail us your press kit and sample CD.

We have types of Endorsement Programs available or you may choose the SFARZO STREET TEAM ARTISTS ADVOCATE MEMBERSHIP if you or your band use Sfarzo Guitar Strings and play at clubs. Please go to Street Team

Thank you for making Sfarzo Strings your choice.

Janine Kopping / Artist Relations / U.S. and International Endorsements

Your Full Name
State or Country
Zip or Country Code
Band Name
Select one below:
1. SFARZO ENDORSING ARTISTS ENDORSEMENT - You or your band are signed and have or will be going on tour. Please print out the application below and send this along with your press kit and CD.
2. SFARZO INDIE ENDORSEMENT ARTISTS - You or your band are not signed by any label, however you tour and play frequently. Please print out the application below and send this along with your press kit and CD.
What Gauge and Model of Sfarzo Strings do you use ?
What other Endorsements do you have ?
What Label are you current signed with ?
Where do you currently purchase Sfarzo Guitar Strings ?

NOTE: If you are not a current user of our strings, please visit one of our Retail Dealers and pick a set up. Let us know what you think !


Thank you, Sfarzo String Company.