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Virtually anyone who uses a computer keyboard can increase their productivity by

Simplifying The Process.

Greg Sfarzo, creator of the Sfarzo-Matic Overlay...  

"I wanted to make my life a little more exciting and productive in order to meet my daily objectives. I wanted to simplify the process. "

In a unique customization for streamlining office work, this software can program your keyboard with shortcuts to applications, files and even text. A dramatic time-saver and adaptable to individual users in the workplace, including workers with special needs.

"I tend to use the same programs, files and Web sites on a daily basis," says Greg, "and found that I could save myself a lot of repetitive steps and time with some simple programming.

"Now, I can easily script a command to launch a program and open a document in a single keystroke. For instance, if a customer calls and wants information on our training capabilities, with one keystroke I can launch Word, open our training document, and even send it to the printer to print. Or I can script specific text that I use over and over, such as my name and address, into a single keystroke. I can even program a key to launch my Web browser and go to a favorite Web site. Right now I have five Web sites programmed to five keys, but if I want to replace one, it's easy to reprogram a key and just print a new overlay for my keyboard."

(Works With Macintosh and PC-Compatible Computers) 

OverlayMaker© Program that allows you to modify the look and feel of your keyboard. The program allows you to create custom overlays that you design, to give you the flexibility and functionality to interface with your applications. To create overlays you simply design and print using your existing printer device in minutes. The software provides limitless use - it's up to the user's creativity and imagination. As it requires very little expertise, it caters to a range of users, including users who have a physically disability and people who have learning difficulties. It saves valuable time, as it is so easy to connect and set up.

The IntelliKeys® is an Adaptive keyboard device that can be used as an alternative or assisted keyboard for easy access to your applications and functions. It provides an intuitive and practical way to improve your productivity than that of a traditional QWERTY keyboard. The board area is only (8.5" x 14"), ergonomically designed and engineered for durability. Using specifically designed cables; it can connect to Apple Macintosh computers (including PowerBooks) as well as to PC-compatible computers, ranging from 80386 to Pentium models (including Notebooks). IntelliKeys® has its own built-in memory and remembers your special access settings and keeps custom overlays saved, even when the computer is turn.

You can customize and create your own. You can increase your productivity, by setting up pre programmed key strokes that allows access to your applications.

* Create custom keyboard designs * Arrange keys in any order

Here is what you do... A new overlay is created with a blue background. With the tool bars, you decide the shape, size and color of your layout. Your options are endless !

Customize for different users - Works like a draw program

What fits your needs... you design the look and feel of your customized keyboard.

Design keys with graphics and text

You can create on your own customized keyboard or modify any template by thousands of configurations. You use your imagination. Its really endless !

Dress it up so it's visually operational !

Visually Operational - Make your Life a Little More Exciting

Simplify Your Process !

What do you want it to do ? You decide... Assign names to your buttons.

Images can also be imported from other sources

Keys can be pictures, text or a combination of both




Here are some ideas... A store owner or manager who works with applications on a daily basis wants to create a custom overlay to increase productivity by interacting with his/her most frequent applications. Possibly a spreadsheet or a word program.

A musician in a studio wants to activate effects using a custom layout instead of a standard computer keyboard. If you use a computer to activate specified commands, you can create an overlay that is visual and easier to operate than a traditional computer keyboard.

Whatever the application, you will find a way !

If you use a computer, this hardware and software can adapt and create a whole new dimension for you.

Print It Out

Slip It In

Use it!



Professional Adaptability

In a unique customization of your custom keyboard for streamlining office work, you program your keyboard with shortcuts to applications and files... a dramatic timesaver and adaptable to individual users, including workers with special needs.  

Here is the SFARZO-MATIC Template in action !

OK, now lets get serious... Programming your keys is easy


Click and drag diagonally to create a key.

Go to Edit menu and select Copy [Ctrl+C].

Use Paste [Ctrl+V] in the Edit menu to replicate your Key. You can create rectangle, circles, triangles... again, you design the layout to fit your needs.


Click to select the Text Tool.

Click inside the keys on the right side and type: Open My Document 1. You decide the size, type and color of your text.


Hold down the Key Fill Palette Tool and select Red, select desired key. Many colors to choose from.


Here you will assign a command to the key. In the example on the left, you are assigning "ENTER" as the command.

The Content is the information the computer will receive when the key is pressed.

Key Content can be commands. (For PC) - [Alt]fa = save as - [Enter] = Enter - [Alt] {Space} C = Close - [Alt] fo = Print. this command finds and opens a file - [Control][Escape]rC:\WINDOWS\Desktop\Your document name here[Enter]. Its simple.


You can copy and paste a jpeg picture from the Internet or your own library of pictures and paste them onto your layout. It's easy, just select a picture you want from where ever you save your pictures and copy/paste to your new overlay design.



1. Print your file: In File menu, select Print Setup. 2. Set paper to landscape orientation. 3. Set paper size to legal (8.5 X 14") 4. From File menu select Print [Ctrl+P].





The Keyboard plugs into any USB or PS/2 port to your computer.


You still retain the full functionality of your QWERTY keyboard and mouse.


Awarded first place in a national search to find innovative computer solutions to barriers now faced by an estimated 43 million disabled people. Organized by Johns Hopkins University and funded by the National Science Foundation, MCI Communications and Microsoft Corporation, Johns Hopkins National Search chose IntelliKeys® from over approximately 800 contestants nationwide.

The ability to customize from 1 up to 120 keys on the keyboard, whether it be the size or color of keys or the programming of specific functionality to keys is easy. Keys can be pictures, text, or a combination of both as easy as cut and paste. A dramatic timesaver and adaptable to individual users, including workers who have special needs by streamlining your tasks.

"What I like best about my customized keyboard," says Greg, "is the time it saves me every day. I can see it being used in any office setting by diverse users."

 "IntelliKeys® and OverlayMaker© has changed my life "

The Sfarzo-Matic Overlay was created using OverlayMaker© and IntelliKeys® which are registered trademarks of IntelliTools Inc.

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