NAMM 2008






Sfarzo Artists Mary Cary and Joe Walla


NAMM 2008

Have any pictures of the Sfarzo Gang at NAMM ?

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Joe Walla in Action

Kiyoshi Morgan - Designer of the Sfarzo MUSE and Sfarzo Artist

Chris Redente/Sales and David Sfarzo/Logistics with Tony Balbinot and friends.

Edward Feliciano Sfarzo Business Consultant and Body guard to the Stars with the Awesome Mary Cary

Daniel Castro playing a Delaney Guitar

Sfarzo Artist Greg Mara

Sfarzo Artist Juliana Tarter

Greg Kihn's son Ry Kihn checking our Juliana Tarter

Wild man Terry Lauderdale with Mary and Friend

Sfarzo Artist Relations Janine Kopping with the gang

Greg, Rhea and David Sfarzo with you know !

Greg Sfarzo - Lucky Guy

Greg and Rhea Sfarzo with Ry Kihn and Joe Walla

Ed and Joe what a team.

David Sfarzo and Joe

Dario Lorina and Jack Ripper






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