Sfarzo leaks picture of the MUSE Guitar Pre Namm08


Sfarzo partners with Jamorama Guitar Course to introduce the Learn How To Play The Guitar Today Bundle

Sfarzo brings you one of the finest hand-built guitars anywhere. In Greek mythology, Muse was said to be the inspiration of artists.

One of the most overlooked components, in terms of guitar, is the ball end of a string.

Sfarzo Guitar Strings on a Harley Davidson ? Delaney Guitars and Montana Harley Davidscon Muscular Dystrophy Guitar.

Bluhammock Music Purchases Sfarzo Strings to Promote Recording Artist Swati

Sfarzo String Company Partners up with Delaney and Abel Axe Guitars.



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Artist Relations and Endorsements > Sfarzo Strings are being used more and more by artists everywhere. We enjoy hearing from customers like yourselves who use our strings. We need to know that we are doing a good job providing a product of high quality. From time to time, Sfarzo String Company gets inquiries from artists who want to endorse our product. We appreciate the offer very much, and now have in place our Sfarzo String Endorsement Program. More



"I just wanted to let you know that I was encouraged to try your guitar strings. I have tried both your Acoustic and Electric guitar strings and was very impressed! They sound great and keep their tunning better than any other string I have ever tried before!! Again, thanks for the great product that you produce." Sincerely, Ryan Martin > More Street Team Users





"Hey Sfarzo Strings... I'm proud to say out of 11 shows now with Sfarzo strings, I have not broken one yet and I usually leave them on for about two shows in a row. I love them. " Dario Lorina of Jani Lane


"I used to change strings after every show to avoid breakage and dull tone, but Sfarzo strings really hold up better than any guitar string I've tried," says Balbinot. "Big hollow body guitars played hard need strings that stay in tune and don't lose their twang! Sfarzo hasn't let me down once!" Tony Balbinot or Cadillac Angels


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Kiyo Morgan Guitar Sales for Tall Toad Music -Petaluma, California

"I recently purchased some sets from you and installed them on 5 of my guitars. Very Amazing Tone combined with my Mighty Mite Motherbuckers. I've tried so many named brands & in my opinion these strings have risen above all . Thanks again, L.S." More

Dealer and Distributor Inquiries > Get on board and carry the Sfarzo String line in your store. Sfarzo is looking for new Distributors Domestic and International Partners. Go

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