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Beginner lesson #1

In this series these fingerings are vital to the next step in fact Terry will not move you on unless you have mastered this technique if your not taking advantage of the live lessons you should videotape yourself and be honest if you do not get the first three lessons down along with the picking exercise DON"T MOVE AHEAD!

Beginner lesson #2

As you Master these exercises move up the neck one fret after returning to the first note position. You can play this from fret one to the twelth fret and back depending on your guitar playing through these from start to finish will teach muscle memory and increase finger dexterity.

Beginner lesson #3

Ok You are on your way now the serious part you want to get good then these exercises need to be done so hit the pause and go get your guitar. Yes YOU because your not going to learn to play this by just watching this if that were how people learned we would all be good by now but if your doing these lessons and practicing daily you are building a foundation to build your skills upon.










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